Misanthropy Vindicated

Some people are horrible and that's why other people have to post things like this to eHow:

How to Protect Your Dog on Halloween

Protect Your Dog on Halloween
How to Protect Your Dog on Halloween
Halloween is the time of year that a lot of people like to do pranks-egg throwing, toilet paper and stink bombs in the mailbox are all popular things to do on this night-which is why it is very important to make sure your dog is protected. Here are some ways.
That's right- a how-to post actually dedicated to making sure that some idiot doesn't do harm to your dog. Let's dig deeper:
I read an article that recommended tying up your dog outside in front of your house on Halloween night to keep pranksters away. TERRIBLE ADVICE! Never tie up your dog outside on Halloween night. A dog that is tied up has no way to escape anyone who wants to tease or taunt the poor animal.
Thanks for addressing this truly terrible advice! Stupid articles.
If this is your dog's first Halloween, check to see if your dog is nervous around costumes. Some dogs will get scared from the big wigs and weird masks that people are wearing. It's a good idea to find out about this before the big night.
This is why I brought my dogs with me to the big wig and weird mask shop when they were just puppies. Anyway, don't do anything stupid to dogs or people on Halloween.  And be afraid of very scary bumblebees!

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