Ballston BID and Bikeshare

I live in the environs of Ballston and I was pleased to read this morning that Ballston businesses are looking to put together a Business Improvement District:
The Ballston BID would be responsible for marketing Ballston to potential businesses, residents and visitors. It is necessary, property owners say, to keep Ballston competitive with other fast-growing commercial office markets in the District and in Northern Virginia. (Such as Tyson’s Corner, which is a few years away from becoming Metro-accessible.)
“The common view is that Ballston is a ‘good’ place but, it is not yet a ‘great’ community — a goal all urban mixed-use communities need to achieve in order to remain competitive, attractive and sustainable,” the BID’s boosters wrote in a proposed business plan.
I think that this is a great idea and made even more timely by the expected expansion of Capital Bikeshare in the spring and summer. The Crystal City BID can serve as an example- its partnership with CaBi resulted in 14 stations in the Crystal City-Pentagon City vicinity, currently the only stations in Arlington. Based on the map of planned  future stations, Ballston is going to be one of the densest areas for the expanded system. If a BID were to be formed, embracing and supporting bikeshare would be a great way to demonstrate to the surrounding community that they are really looking to improve the quality of life and transportation around Ballston.

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