I'll visit when they install the CaBi station

The National Portrait Gallery has opened a new exhibition:

The Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery is decoding such history from abstract paintings and portraits in the first major museum exhibit to show how sexual orientation and gender identity have shaped American art. The installation, "Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture," opened Saturday and is on view through Feb. 13.
"There's been an entire history hiding in plain sight," said Portrait Gallery historian and curator David C. Ward. "Telling the history of art without the history of gay people is like telling the history of slavery without mentioning black people."
Many have avoided the subject, he said, out of politeness or homophobia.
Ward said he was surprised to discover more gays were fired from federal jobs during the Red Scare of the Cold War era than suspected communists. In that political climate, he said, many modern artists turned to abstraction and coded language to portray themselves and those they loved.
Insert Roy Cohn joke here.  Anyway, it runs through February, so hopefully by then the Capital Bikeshare station at the National Portrait Gallery will be open and I'll be able to bike there. Assuming of course that the District's new Republican overlords don't find out and cancel all funding for the Smithsonian and for DDOT.

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