TV tautology

I'm not terribly surprised about any shows on this list that are likely to be canceled, but I was a little surprised that I don't really watch any of them. But I suppose that if I did watch them (along with a lot of other people), that they'd be less likely to be canceled. Anyway, Life Unexpected is not a very good show, even for the CW and Running Wilde was only funny to the extent that you sorta laughed when you saw that the main stars were Keri Russell and Will Arnett. I watched The Good Guys for a few episodes this summer, but if I was able to shake it (and I almost never drop shows after seeing more than one episode), than it certainly wasn't that interesting. Beyond those, I don't have any experience with any of the other shows, so I'm not in a position to render a verdict. I feel much stronger about the bubble shows, namely about Community, which is a wonderfully funny, creative and clever show and should be embraced by all both all readers of this blog.
PS- I learned over Thanksgiving that it's possible to confuse Modern Family with No Ordinary Family, though at one's own peril. It's also possible to somehow get the kid from The Middle mixed up in there somehow.

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