Upscale TV Viewers and the Shows They Love

Some demographics are important to advertisers, especially the "18-49/$100,000/year household" demographic. From Media Post:
Even if ratings aren't as strong, NBC can continue to stake a claim from its heyday: it's an upscale network. In at least one demo this season, it has the two most upscale shows and is tied with ABC as the most affluent network.
NBC's "The Office" and "The Apprentice" have higher upscale indexes than all other prime-time network shows. That's according to a demo of 18- to-49-year-olds, living in homes with incomes of $100,000-plus.
"The Office" leads with a 148 index, while the Donald Trump-fronted reality series has a 146.
Three other NBC series are in the top 10: "30 Rock" (141), "Outsourced" (139) and "Parenthood" (131) -- leading any other network. Figures cover "live plus seven day" performance for the first three weeks of the season.
For the networks as a whole, NBC's index of 114 ties ABC at the top, followed by CBS at a 103 and Fox at a 99. NBC is the only one with a better index than last fall, when it was at 112. ABC is flat, and the others have dropped.
A 100 index represents the average concentration of 18- to-49-year-olds, living in homes with a $100,000-plus income.
First off, people who live in households that make over $100,000 watch a pretty mixed bag of shows. Some I think are good (30 Rock), some ok, but on the decline (The Office), some I've only seen the first episode of (Parenthood) and some that are abjectly horrendous and/or racist (The Apprentice, Outsourced). Long story short, don't let these people make your tv decisions for you! The funny thing is that all of these shows- except Parenthood, which is a drama about a family- are focused primarily on the workplace. People who make a lot of money like to watch shows about businesses and money making! Take a break, weirdos.

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