What would a GM bike look like?

Car companies, at least in the UK, are getting into the bicycle business:

According to BMW, the idea behind the bikes is “creating outstanding-looking bikes that are associated with BMW cars by their dynamic lines and exceptional performance”. In other words, they want you to feel as if you've bought a BMW motor.
Meanwhile, other car companies are signing up to the bike market, hoping you're going to feel a bit like you've bought one of their vehicles, instead.
Last year, Cooper started developing bicycles for the first time. Best known for its racing cars of the Fifties and Sixties, and, of course, for the Mini Cooper, it released its first range of two-wheelers into shops in April.
Now Cooper has expanded the range from four to seven models (including the first women's specific model) each named after one of Cooper's grand prix wins. The new bikes will be available in time for Christmas (from £595-£895).
If I were a traditional bicycle company, I wouldn't be too worried. I wonder what kind of person is compelled to buy a BMW bike- maybe the same kind of person who's compelled to drive past me a little too closely while I try to bike uphill to work.
Oh, and to answer the question of what a GM bike would look like, here's the Denali.

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