There are no more tales from the sharrows from this point back- Hidden On Demand Gem *

***From here on back, I wasn't telling tales for the sharrows at all. While some of the posts are about biking and transportation, there's a lot of other nonsense on here about public policy and tv. You've been warned. These posts will be mundane for entirely different reasons***

After what seemed like an hour of searching through Comcast's On Demand catalogue, I stumbled upon a show on the Smithsonian Channel (I don't think I actually have it on my cable system, but whatever) called The Genius of Design. It's as interesting as a show on industrial design can be and I think it's completely fantastic. Did you know that Bauhaus chairs were made of steel tubing that were modified from bicycle tubes?! Anyway, if you think things like that are interesting and can find it on your cable system, go for it.

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