News Vacation

I'm taking a break from following the news. I dropped all policy blogs from my reader, removed a bunch of bookmarks from my phone, and have changed the channel every time the tv news seems to be discussing any politics. The first time I did this was after Coakley lost in Massachusetts. I was, let's say, a little too involved in following the HCR debate to the point where I wasn't sleeping well, so I decided to go completely cold turkey during the dark days before Nancy Pelosi willed it to passage. Recently, I found myself getting a little too involved in the Bush tax cut extension debate, though you wouldn't know if from the paucity of posts of this purported tax blog. So, two days ago I declared a news vacation (read total blackout) until January 1 and as a consequence, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. So, yeah, that's that. All I request is no spoilers please. I'd like to find out for myself in 2011.

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