Ride in to work- 1/31

Songs I sung on the ride in: Weezer's "Say it Ain't So" &  Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer's version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside," but with some made the made up lyrics of "yada yada yada to stay" and "yada yada gone in a day" flanking the "baby, it's cold outside" part.

Overall feeeling during the ride: phlegmatic.

Feats of Armstrongian determination needed to get to work: still none.

Pretty much another cold winter ride. Some icy patches on the streets and the the snow along the roadside makes it such that I'm taking the lane more than usual. Cars didn't really seem to mind. Not too many other people out of the road, but I did ride for a little while behind a guy wearing his street clothes while on some fancy Trek road bike. He had on a winter jacket that looked 80s inspired, but was probably new. I got a young architect vibe from him.  I wore my usual cold weather bike outfit, the head parts of which (helmet, Walz wool cap, ear-covering headband, sunglasses, and scarf) make me look like a some kind of space miner/mole person. Wearing a scarf on cold days has been a recent revelation and one that I feel stupid about for not realizing earlier.

One more thought about the Volpe: It's Bikes for the Rest of Us approved!

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