Ride Home 2/16

Some days of work are just so awful that a general agreement is reached that everyone will go home a half hour early because staying until five will be counterproductive at best and completely destructive at worst. I thought about using the extra time to take a more leisurely (read longer) route- I even floated the idea of maybe going all the way down the CCT and then onto the Memorial Bridge. I didn't though- I just went the normal way home through Glover Park and Georgetown. My bike commute home is kind of like tag- I just want to get to home base. Maybe it's because I have to take care of this thing:
Poodle in her natural habitat
I guess I let the bad day at work get to me, because I couldn't really shake the overall crumminess I felt. Normally, getting on the bike helps evaporate all the nonsense, but today it just led to me thinking about a lot of odd things. For example, what does sol glissant mean? Why is Chinese food in DC so bad? Could something like this happen to me? Why isn't ESPN showing Champion's League? Do they sell pterodactyl decals for bikes? Why am I so infatuated with the Marxist notion of wage labor?
I don't know why pedestrians have such a hard time estimating the speed of oncoming bicycles. For the third time in the past two days, I've had jaywalkers just totally screw up their timing and end up in the middle of the street just around the time that I get there. I'm all for jaywalking (and opportunism in general. I think our transportation system would be better if it were more based on opportunism than laws, but that's probably insane and I should think that through some more before wholeheartedly endorsing it), but you gotta go it better, people. I think that more bicycles on the road would give pedestrians more opportunities to gauge the speed of approaching bicyclists. So, get out there on bikes everyone. Don't do it for yourself. Do it for better jaywalking.
I love hearing the far-too-loud music emanating from cars that I pull up next to. Especially when it's pop music, or at least music that they play on Top 40 radio. It wasn't Katy Perry. Pop music rules. I have zero indie (indy?) credibility and I never will due to my averring that pop music is the best of music. I'm totally serious. In any case, from when I heard the music to home, I was in a much better mood.

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