Ride Home 2/17

Two things for drivers. Please use turn signals.They really help me figure out your intentions and that makes my life on a bike much easier. And for the love of God, please don't use cell phones while driving. I do this too sometimes and I really, really, desperately need to stop. I try not to be a mean bike jerk or take things personally, but I actually yelled today "Get off your fucking cell phone" at someone after they passed. Really yelled, too, though I don't think she heard me. There's some margin of error when you drive, in that if you're not paying attention, you probably won't drift off the road. However, your drifting a little can have a lot of impact on me, the guy on the bike who's trying to stay between your car and the parked ones on my right.
Two part trip today on account of tool school. Really nice night, weather-wise. Every time I leave bike maintenance class, I have nothing but dread that the seemingly minor adjustments I've made to various widgets and doodads on my bike will result in some horrendous mishap like a wheel falling off or the chain flying through the air. Luckily, no such misfortune, or at least not tonight.

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