Ride Home 2/18

Great, great, great, great, great, great, great. You don't get better days than today and I decided to take advantage of it by taking the long way home (about five more miles than usual). Some happenings:

  • Along the CCT, somewhere between the Arizona bridge and Fletcher's boathouse, I passed a fellow biker. I said "on your left" but maybe she didn't hear me. She yelled something out at me like "hand signal" or something similar. If she said hand signal, I don't know what that means or why it would help. If she said something else, I'm sorry for not hearing correctly. In any case, I apologize if I committed some kind of slight. I even thought about turning around and inquiring as to my "bike foul," but that didn't seem the right thing to do. Anyway, my bad?
  • How does one get through the Washington Harbour (with a u, seriously)/Georgetown waterfront area? I don't think that it's really set up for biking through. It might even be illegal to bike there. There was construction, so that might have had some impact, but I ended up biking along a sidewalk behind the House of Sweden. This was definitely not a trail and when a pedestrian in front of me hopped over onto some dirt because he saw that I was behind him, I felt extra-dumb. After I got back near the Rock Creek trail, I passed an NPS Ranger- you know, with the hat and brown shirt and everything and I thought WWYD (What would Yogi do?), so I decided that I would ask him. I mean, it's his job, right? (Though he might have been leaving his shift and, come to think of it, I don't even know what National Park is around there...)
    • ME: So, I was biking on the Capital Crescent and I never know how to connect to the Rock Creek. What's the best way to do it?
    • HIM: Ok, so what you do is, you come out of the trail along K street and then you ride along K Street until you get almost to the very end and then you'll see a part of the road that veers off to the right-
    • ME: I saw that, but there was a sign there that said NO ENTRY
    • HIM: Well, yeah, but that's not for bikes. You can go that way. You take that and that'll put you on the path over here.
    • ME: Oh, ok. I was just worried that I'd go down that NO ENTRY way and I know that at this time of the day, cars are going the opposite way on the Rock Creek Parkway, so I didn't want to make that mistake.
    • HIM: Yeah, no. That's not where that goes. 
    • ME: Ok. 
    • HIM: Really nice day out.
    • ME: Yeah, you should go for a bike ride. 
    • HIM: I was thinking about it.
  • Stuck behind some joggers (joggers!) near where the Rock Creek trail goes under the TR bridge. I was just dawdling, because really, where did I have to go?, but the biker behind me was all "on your LEFT," then to me, " You go first, kid," so I did. I pedaled a little longer, but when I looked back to see who this guy was, he wasn't there. Polter-cyclist? 
  • Went up past Iwo Jima and Fort Meade. Wished this was done instead of not even started yet. But then, this would also need to be done. And then, these, too. So, yeah, not so much. 
Just a nice trip all around. Very excited about the spring and summer. Also, would be excited if we got to leave an hour early every day. 

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