Ride Home 2/7

A lot (or at least voluminous) of posting today, so I'm gonna keep this pretty short.

Saw a lady in a legit fur coat and babushka biking down Q Street at 35th. I'd say she looked Armenian, but I have no real idea what that means. Riding a nice Dutch-style city bike with fenders too, but I think it wasn't actually Dutch, since those are hard to come by here. But then again, it was in Georgetown.

Legs felt pretty good going uphill. Went down some side streets instead of my normal route up Wilson. That was fine, and since they were lightly trafficked, I biked down the middle of my lane. No one seemed bothered by that.

Snow is almost all gone.

I went directly to the mail upon getting home. We're expecting a DVD from Netflix and I'm going to the Arlington Bike Advisory Committee Meeting tonight (not live blogging) and taking our only mail key with me. The DVD will serve as entertainment in my absence, though it would have also served as entertainment in my presence. My bike is now resting against the dishwasher.

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