Ride Home 2/8

Windy, but not as windy as I had expected. One of my coworkers mentioned 50 mile an hour winds and though I was pretty sure he was joking, I braced for the worst. Nothing too bad though and it was only when I pulled into the driveway did I really have some horizontal sway on my bike.
There are only two real places on my ride home where I'm generally worried about the actions of the surrounding traffic (for the most part my ride is sedate)- 1) with cars  travelling in the opposite direction on New Mexico (that is, uphill) turning left in front of me while I'm coming downhill and wouldn't be able to break in time and 2) coming off the Key Bridge and crossing the entrance to the northbound GW Parkway. Bikes have the same green as the cars coming off the bridge and a lot of drivers make the right without looking too closely for bikes crossing what will be their right turn path. In both cases, being visible and having bright lights helps. In the latter case, I like over-dramatically looking over my shoulder multiple times. The movement of my head tends to get the attention of drivers and avoids what would be a nasty right hook.
Ran into something much larger than a pothole along Key Boulevard. It was like a sixteen foot square dip in the pavement that was at least a foot deep. I noticed it yesterday and thought that I should be careful. Wasn't careful enough, but I saw it in time to take "evasive" action or at least prepare myself and my bike for a nasty bump.
I stopped at the liquor store on the way home to pick up an early Valentine's Day present for my wife. Now that I read that last line back to myself, that sounds kinda bad, but I think that the gift was appreciated (considering that she both hates Valentine's Day and loves Patron). Being consistent, I hummed the most superficially obvious song to myself- Far East Movement's "Like a G6." We did not pop the bottle in the ice.

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