Ride Home 2/9

Cold and I have a hang nail on my left big toe. Annoying. Excited about my ride home tonight because we're going to Pupatella for pizza with friends. If we haven't gone yet, you should, but not tonight because I'd like my wait time to not be especially long. Pizza is excellent motivation to get home on a bike in the cold.
Usual (car) backups on 34th street. I'll be happy when they finish painting in the bike lane all the way down to Prospect or N (I'm not sure how far it's going to go) because that will maybe, hopefully, get it so that the drivers don't stagger their cars taking up the entire  width of the one way street in order to get a better view of what's keeping them from moving. As a daily commuter on that route, I can offer you my unsolicited diagnosis of the problem- it's the T intersection at Prospect and 34th. Cars turn right and left from Prospect to go down 34th to turn onto M. The three way stop gets backed up because there are too many cars trying to get onto M street and too many cars on M street trying to get onto the Key Bridge, such that traffic on M impedes turning traffic for 34th. This bit of traffic analysis is me doing my small part to try to help everyone get home safely and expeditiously. So if anyone who's reading this drives down 34th street at evening rush hour, now you know and you no longer have to crane your necks and stagger your cars, taking up the entire width of the street, and can leave a clear path for cyclists on your right.
I didn't take out my phone for this, but I saw a taxi with both a Virginia and DC license plate, with the Virginia right below the DC one. Spooky.
Pretty much rode on auto-pilot up Wilson. No dramatic Death Stares or anything. Gave one guy a quizzical look when he tried to jump the light and make a left turn before oncoming cars could go straight. "Why, dude?" I actually said aloud. I'm glad no one heard.

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