Ride In 2/16

Never know how to dress on days like this- cold in the morning, warmer in the afternoon. I like layering, but I also like not having too many superfluous items in my bag on the way home. I probably underdressed today, but I was fine. I spite of myself, I didn't swear off Wilson like I intended to. I took it all the way down through Rosslyn and over the grates on Oak Street, where last August on a rainy day I went down hard and busted my chin. That was my first trip to the emergency room ever (Georgetown Hospital, Hoya Saxa) and I only went because my coworkers saw how bad my chin was and that it was not the case that just a bandaid would be take care of it. This story has becoming something legendary in my wife's office because she agreed with me that a bandaid would be sufficient (and not the six stitches that they actually used) and sent me off to work (via Metro- I left my bike in her office, which is right near the scene of the accident). I'm sure that I'm not explaining this correctly, so I'll update once I hear why this story has become so legendary. In any case, it really wasn't her fault that I didn't go right to the hospital (how was she supposed to know?) and, in retrospect, I find the whole thing more dully amusing than anything else.
I had my eyes peeled for the same jogger that I saw last night who was either on a phone call or just saying affirmations because he was shouting something like "Every good leader is..." or "A very good leader is..." In either case, it's a very DC thing to be shouting while jogging.
I still can't get used to the manifold hand positions available to me. I'm changing grips more than Charlie Sheen changes pornstar mistresses. Hey, o! That's some topical humor right there. I apologize and will never do it again.
I think that I'm consistently getting to work faster on the new bike. I don't know if it's because of the bike or me or I'm just making it up. I felt especially fast when I rode parallel to some dude driving a Porsche today. That is of course until the congestion cleared and he was able to go more than 10 mph and the hill that I was coasting on ran out. Badass.

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