Ride in 2/2

After a day off, which I probably didn't need since I don't think there was any more ice on the roads than there had been the previous day, I rode in to work today excited about the one-afternoon-only change in weather that we're expecting this afternoon. This morning, however, it wasn't so much raining as there was just a veil of grey wetness. I couldn't tell whether my glasses were fogged up or not. It would have been a good morning to sell fenders by the side of the road, insofar as it's ever a good morning to sell fenders or sell anything by the side of the road. What I think I'm trying to say is that the roads were gross and unless you like be be sprayed in the face by arcing muddy slush, then you should never ride a bike without fenders in this weather. I don't think a commuter should ever ride a bike without fenders anyway, but to each his own. Here's a picture, which does no justice to how bad it actually was:
And I have full fenders!

While in principle I have no objection to riding in work clothes, I just don't think most people would want to wear pants speckled with road detritus all day. But then again, I'm not most people! Whatever that means. 

My other mundane observation is that while the Glover Park ANC has steadfastly opposed the designation of a bicycle climbing lane on New Mexico Avenue, it wouldn't much matter given that where the lane would be was full of inch-think parts of fallen branches and brown muddy snow anyway. Driving cars and plows push the snow from the center of the road to the side and exiting parking cars push the snow from the sidewalk over to the left. This yields a sloppy mess where any bike lane would be. So, if you're riding up New Mexico and don't want to ride through slush and don't want to get doored, just take the lane and move right as you feel necessary to allow cars to pass. 

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