Ride In 2/24

I re-read my last night's ride home post and it sounded too whiny. I don't want my posts to devolve into woe-is-me-ism and just a litany of complaints against other road users. So for this morning, I figured I'd list some of the various winter wear trends I saw while on the road. Granted that this would be a lot better if I had taken pictures, but I'll try my best.

- Genghis Khan Hat/Long Leather Jacket. Pretty self-explanatory. If someone made dance movie about the Mongols and it was called "Steppe it Up," would you see it? On a related note, would you like to read my screenplay?

- Tombstone. Western wear is great and applicable in a lot of situations. Walking to the Clarendon Metro is not one of them. The Corner Bakery is not a saloon.

- Doctor Zhivago. In this case, it was Doctor Zhivago plus Holly Golightly sunglasses. Chic...ish.

- What I think was the same coat that Natalie Portman wore in Black Swan. It probably looked nothing like this at all, but that was definitely my impression.

- The "I'm not wearing a coat because I'm sporty and jogging for some reason or maybe on my way to yoga."

- The "Elementary School Teacher on Recess Duty" ski jacket over a semi-put-together, but still pretty unfashionable and unflattering, sweater/slacks combo.

I don't really have much more to offer. Fashion commentary is not my strong suit (pathetic pun intended). I know that there are whole blogs dedicated to street fashion and I know that there's considerable more variety of looks out there than those described (this was in now way meant to be an exhaustive list).

I carried my toolbox with me today (for the last time, unless they make me repeat the class. Can they even do that?) and the bike seemed to ride fine. The front brake is making some scratchy noises and I adjusted it before I left, but I think the combination of new rims and cheap pads has led to some galling. Maybe I'll replace the pads when I get my next commuter benefit.

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