Do you use email?

Dear People of Earth Little Monsters  Readers,

Have you ever wanted to provide any hate mail feedback, topic suggestions or "hot tips" to the writer to this blog, namely me? Are you not on twitter because you think it's a gimmick and a fad and you'll be embarrassed to admit that you once liked it, like maybe you did with Chumbawumba back in '97? Do you use email? You know, the thing that allows you to forward the anti-Obama screeds (57 states?????) that you received from your great aunt's AOL account. Anyway, this is a long windup to tell you that, if you are ever so inclined, you can email me at talesfromthesharrows@gmail.com. So if 140 characters isn't enough to express your steadfast disappointment in the content, structure and grammar of my writing, have at. I'll probably even read what you write.
So, why don't I just enable comments? Um, have you ever read internet comments? They sorta blow and I don't care to "moderate" them, whatever that means.
Also, I plan on maybe doing some cool contests or giveaways or something and email seems like a good way to track entries. More on that later, when I figure out what the hell I'm talking about.

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