Lunch Ride Video Fail

Another blown opportunity to film my ride up Tunlaw and New Mexico. I tried to tape my phone to my front reflector using some packing tape. I didn't bring scissors and struggled mightily trying to cut the tape through a combination of stabbing it with a key and biting it. Three yards of tape later (with another yard wadded up in my pocket), I had my phone "attached" to my front reflector. It was facing screen out and I was using the front-facing camera.
It wasn't pretty. About around Benton street, I noticed that my reflector wasn't screwed in very well and was swaying laterally. Also, the tape wasn't wrapped around tightly enough, so my phone appeared to be on the cusp of falling out the entire time. It didn't feel secure in any way and I really don't want to have to explain to my wife that the reason I need to buy a new phone is because of packing tape and bike blogging. I tried to steady it by holding it, but it was still way too bouncy. The video quality looked like I was shooting through an aqueous solution. I'll try to figure something else out tomorrow. Neighbors: thank you for not calling the police.

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