Ride Home 3/1

Road work on New Mexico. Diverted onto side streets. Lots of stop signs. Not as much "wheeeeeee." Otherwise, the ride went great. Legs felt really good. I think that the weekend rides are making a difference, at least psychologically. My commute just doesn't feel as long.
I cannot wait until they finish painting the bike lanes on 34th street. It's spring, right? C'mon DDOT. Just saying.
Who's to say that I'm overusing my newly acquired bell? So what if I'm dinging all over the place? I have to see if it works (lame excuse). By the way, it does. Even with my winter gloves. I highly recommend the Incredibell (sorry about the name). It's so much better than shouting. By the way, that should not be the ad copy.
Off to Pupatella tonight. Pizza is delicious.
P.S.- Wrote this post while on the phone with my parents. That's the excuse for the clipped staccato.

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