Ride Home 3/10

The weather gods must have read my post from this morning, determined it insufferably annoying, and so to spare you another auto-hagiography, they held off the worst of the rain during my ride home. I appreciated it.
A tip that I forgot to mention, since I didn't realized it until this afternoon, is to make sure that when you hang up your wet clothes that you do it in such a way that allows them to dry properly. I allowed the long sleeves on my shirt to dangle all the way to the bottom of the locker, ensuring that they would serve as a sponge and collect the water that dripped from the other articles of clothing. Same with my pants. On the other hand, it was good to get pre-wet, so the rain wouldn't seem as bad. Sure. Self-delusion is another power psychological tool for the bike commuter.
The bike lanes on M street were causing a lot of traffic this afternoon. Oh wait, there are no bike lanes on M street? Weird. I think that the only people prosecuting the "war on drivers" are other drivers. No one who read Ezra yesterday thanked me today, but I'm ok with it.
I saw a few other riders today, including the guy that I mentioned on my first or second day of blogging I thought I had previously mentioned on this blog, but apparently I hadn't. I came up behind him at the intersection of Wilson and 10th. He was riding a red Canondale mountain bike that sort of looked liked a CaBi. I initially though, whoa CaBi, you're a long way from home. Because I refer to all CaBis as if they're wild palominos. He had some problems braking and needed to use his foot to actually bring himself to a stop. He turned around and looked at me. I gave a very noncommittal, but I thought friendly, "how's it going." My "how's it going" don't have question marks. He said, "Yeah, I need new brakes." I nodded. In hindsight, he sounded a little defensive about the brakes thing. To clarify, because I'm sure he's reading this right now, my "how's it going" was just a reference to the fact that we were two dumb asses in bikes in the rain and I thought that our being in a similar situation warranted some sort of acknowledgement. I'm afraid I'm becoming a bike version of the "elevator talker." You know, the person who just has to say something when you're in the elevator with him. Lame.
Even though it wasn't that rainy, it was the kind of trip that warrants a brown liquor when you get home. However, I've given up both beer and spirits for Lent (not wine. I'm only a lapsed Catholic), so my wish goes unfulfilled. Stupid Jebus.

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