Ride Home 3/11

Puppies. They're great. Seeing all the dogs out for walks is one of my favorite things about riding home. Today, I saw a little apricot poodle with what I like to call "puppy energy" bounding and scampering at the end of his leash. It was very cute. So cute that I swiveled my head to look at him and made some kissy faces while saying "good baby." In my house, there's nothing wrong with this kind of behavior and frankly, I don't have any problem admitting it or even engaging in this kind of thing in public. The only problem, though, was that the blonde walking him might have taken offense. My bad.
On Fridays, I like to take different routes home. I was going to go up the Custis all the way to Quincy, but when I got to Rosslyn, I decided that I would instead follow Arlington Boulevard to Pershing. Along the way, I'm pretty sure that I saw three girls with a hair color that I would either call auburn or chestnut (I don't know if these hair colors are the same or nearly the same or even describe the kind of reddish-brown hair that I saw- I just know that these are the kinds of descriptor used on hair dyes) wearing pea green pea coats. Spooky.
A woman decided to give me 15 feet when she passed me today in her SUV. That was kind of nice, but totally superfluous. I'd settle for three.
Arlington Road Painting Authorities- sharrows on Pershing between Washington Boulevard and Glebe Road? Pretty please? There's probably a better way to officially ask for these than writing about it in a blog, so I'll investigate how to do that.
Should be a nice weekend for riding around. If you like baked goods, you should do this.

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