Ride Home 3/29

As of this afternoon, DDOT has yet to change the light sequencing at the intersection of New Mexico and Nebraska. Maybe if Gabe Klein tweeted about it?
Weird day on the roads today. Riding the same route every day, you get a sense of the normal traffic pattern and something about today just didn't jive. Maybe it was just more cars on the road than usual, or just more motorists making left turns or maybe every once in a while someone was trying to parallel park, but there was just something going on today that seemed a little off.
Bicyclist at Stop Sign Paradox: A bicyclist arrives at a stop sign with a car behind him.

  • He follows the traffic law and comes to a complete stop. He looks both ways and slowly proceeds. Motorist is miffed that it's "taking forever". Stupid biker. Get off the road. 
  • He disobeys the traffic law and runs the stop sign. Motorist is miffed because of the bicyclist's disregard for those around him. Stupid biker. Get off the road. 
Long story short: if you have a pessimistic worldview and ascribe negative thoughts to those around you, people suffer from a lack of patience or a lack of empathy. I try not to think about it and just do what feels safest. 
Rode the Custis up to Veitch and then over to Key Boulevard. Some of the traffic circles on Key have shrubbery in them and it's like playing a game of peak-a-boo when you pass through at the same time as another person. I am amused by this because I am two. 
Does anyone else ever use your neck and head to signal to pedestrians that you're planning to stop and let them cross the street? I feel like it gets the point across but does nothing to improve my self-self. It's feels very Igor. 

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