Ride Home 3/9

I beat the rain and that was my only goal. In fact, it wasn't just to get home before the rain, but to also get the dog walked before it started and I would have to deal with the fallout of muddy paws and damp fur. Genius that I am, I decided the other day to take the light off the back of my helmet (it's attached with an elastic velcro strap that fits in the openings on the back) because it's not winter any more and I can probably rely on the light that's screwed into the back of my rack. I noticed the other night that my rear light was pretty faint, so I packed some batteries in my bag so I could replace them. I didn't put the batteries in yesterday morning, either at home or a work, and neglected to put them into this morning at home. Why do something now when you can save it for later? So, it was finally time to replace the batteries (in order to provide light through the looming cloudiness) and, of course, the AAs that I packed couldn't replace the AAAs that had run down. Luckily, genius that I am, I still had my helmet light in my bag and was able, after about 10 minutes of confused struggling [I can't even work a velcro strap], I got the light back on my helmet. Yay, visibility!
I don't wear a watch, so the only way I can guess the time is by tracking the progression of Around the Horn through the windows of various sports bars in Arlington on the way home. Feel free to use that tip. 

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