Ride In 3/28

I heard a rumor that it was spring and that spring weather typically means warmer temperatures. You shouldn't believe rumors. Today I was stuck trying to negotiate the dual imperatives of keeping my neck warm and not having a metal zipper wedged into my larynx. I guess I could have warn a scarf, but that seems unseasonal. Like the weather.
I'm not convinced that there was a proportional relationship between my rate of pedaling and my velocity this morning. Has only one ride to work in the last week rendered me weak and feeble? I mean, weaker and feebler. We'll see what the ride home is like.
Speaking of being weak and feeble, for the first time ever I felt like I was going to throw up on my ride up Tunlaw. I think that three cups of coffee (one iced, one hot, one luke) and an unfrostred strawberry pop tart is not the breakfast of bike commuting champions. I took it nice and slow the rest of the way- I don't need bike commuters to be conflated with drunken Georgetown students and subsequently coalesce further neighborhood opposition to, well, pretty much everything.
A motorist exiting his car on New Mexico didn't open his door in my path on account of seeing me. Good thing there wasn't a bike lane there, lest he might have been confused and throw open his car door with reckless abandon. Because as we all know, bike lanes cause people to top paying attention to the world around them and act with no regard to consequences. It's a fact. I read it in the New York Post, maybe.
Do you live in Maryland (for some reason)? If so, read this and take whatever action you see fit. This concludes the advocacy portion of this blog post.

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