Ride Home 4/11

I spent a lot of time today talking to prospective graduate students. By far the highlight of my day was talking about Capital Bikeshare, prompted by a student question when we passed the station on Massachusetts. Also, hooray CaBi expansion into to the R-B corridor. I wonder if there will be a lot of wrong-way, uphill cycling on Clarendon Boulevard between Pierce and Uhle. I also wonder the farthest afield up Wilson I'll see a CaBi. I think past Ballston, but only time will tell.
I wish that Glover Park and Burleith were mixed-use neighborhoods and had some coffee shops or koscma or two mixed in with the residential. I think it would be much more pleasant. I miss the sidewalk culture of side streets, which I cam to love when I lived in Budapest while pursuing a PhD in medieval studies focusing on the sepulchral monuments of Central European queens and princesses. That's not a lie. Everyone needs to do something before they give up and become a blogger, right?
So many joggers. They're like hordes of zombies but instead of wanting to eat brains, they want to wear shorts and run about the streets. Also, saw a lot of recreational cyclists tonight. A lot of them looked like zombies joggers but on bikes- running shorts, tee shirt. Nice night for it though. I wonder how many of them bike to work and if they don't why not. I'd guess showers.

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