Ride Home 4/15

Riding home in your work clothes provides the major advantage of an even quicker exit on a Friday. Happy Emancipation Day indeed!
Instead of using my velcro strap, I decided to roll up my right pant leg a la annoying urban cyclist type. I might have overdone it and was about one more roll from being a never nude. But better that than getting my pants dirty.
At the bottom of New Mexico, I saw a bumper sticker that read "God has plans FOR YOU." Am I the only one who finds that to be menacing? If the goal is to be comforting, I'd say they missed.
I'm going to conclude that there's no such thing as "Mary Poppins effect" for men. I doubt there is for women either. People behave the same around bikes no matter how the cyclist dresses or behaves. That's both pedestrians and drivers. Cyclists need to stop pretending like our behavior is the prime determinant for others' actions. It's self-aggrandizing, but false. People are gonna do what they do and it's better to learn to deal with that than pretend like we impact it. Screed completed.
If you had April 15 in the "First appearance of Nantucket red shorts and blue oxfords," please collect your prize. It might be a whale belt. Remember your boat shoes!
Slow going on 34th street. When will DDOT finish striping the bike lanes? Not that it'll make a real difference- white paint hardly deters inconsiderate drivers from blocking the path. Nor do dirty looks. In any case, I was well to M street before any of the cars I passed at Reservoir, Dent, Q, Volta, P, O or N street. Bad news guys. Not that M was any better. Total cluster down Canal and multiple buses coming off the bridge succeeded in thoroughly mucking up car travel. I jaybiked a little, but since no one was going anywhere, I didn't feel especially concerned.
Rode up the Custis behind a guy on a serious road bike. Granted he was in mile probably 700 of his commute and was carrying a three ton messenger bag, but I pretty much was able to stick with him. I also served as his "bell man," dinging for him as needed. I think pedestrians were grateful, but that's just self-aggrandizing and false.
Why is the bike rack at Escuela Key School Escuela School a million miles and a whole playground away from the school? I wouldn't want to lock my bike there. Put it right in front of the school and maybe more kids will bike there. Maybe there is one, I don't know, but the one that I saw is hella far away (hella is not a word I normally use and I apologize to anyone and everyone).
Lots of bikes on Fairfax Drive. Good job.

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