Ride Home 4/6

I don't like to be a narc, but a lot of bad driver behavior in DC today. Someone made a left turning coming out of the SIS garage. Illegal. This situation isn't going to resolve itself, even if they fix the light sequencing, but is going to require some enforcement. Down New Mexico, we had a "let's pretend there's two car lanes" situation with motorists driving side by side, ultimately culminating in a pass from the right. Room for two cars next to each other, but probably not enough for a bike lane. And then there's the whole cell phone thing. Just to be clear, I only care about these things insofar as they affect/might cause serious bodily harm to me. It's not a principle thing- I'm not a follow the law for the law's sake kind of person. Except for white collar crimes. Those guys should all go to jail. I'm the Matt Taibbi of bike bloggers.
A ton of people out on bikes today. I think it's great.  I can't say that that doesn't make me feel less special though.
Up the Rosslyn hill, which I feel should have a better name- Safeway Hill, Col de Piola, I don't know- I was passed quite easily by a guy on a single-speed. I sort of caught up, but he soon he was gone. Wow, he was going fast. He'd probably make my commute in about 15 minutes, which would be awesome, but what would his blog be like? "Ride in 4/6- Everything a colored blur because I am super fast." "Ride Home 4/6- Colored blur again. I'm so freaking fast."
The only other biker I saw up Wilson was a guy wearing loafers. Black loafers with tassels.
Sometimes I can't clip in and it's very annoying because it means that I can't really start pedaling It's especially problematic coming off a light that just turned green. Today it was at the intersection of Wilson and 10th. It's just an atavism, but I can't feel anything but paranoia that the drivers all around me hate me for going so slowly and that I'm inconveniencing them terribly. So, even a daily bike commuter like me, who's generally pretty accustomed to riding with cars on all sorts of roads, still feels insecure about slowing down cars. So if you're new to this sort of thing, don't worry about it- what's important is being safe and not going out of your way to make sure that drivers are accommodated. Those ten seconds of their delay, in the long run, really won't matter, so try not to sweat it too much.
When I got home I check my phone and saw that I had a series of emails from my wife. The first one was "don't have keys :(", but the next one (5 minutes later) was "resolved." While she was sitting on the stoop waiting for me to get home, she decided to read my morning post (this blog is great for killing time), saw the part about me doing the bike maintenance outside and figured that I probably left the balcony door unlocked (Side note: please don't rob our apartment). So she lept the rail, pulled the knob and was proven correct. My carelessness saved the day! And my blog, for the first time ever, contributed to a beneficial societal outcome! She also really freaked out Ellie the Poodle by coming in through an unexpected entrance.

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