Ride In 4/27

I'm not really going to dedicate space on this blog to talk about gas prices. There are other sites that tout the benefits of bicycling and costs savings or whatever. I think it's important to remember though, instead of chortling, that high gas prices affect regular people who've been sold a false bill of goods for decades and have been let down by generations of politicians and policy makers through their lack of forethought, planning and honesty. Plus, if I were any more self-righteous, I'd have to get SMUG LIFE tattooed on my chest a la Tupac.
One of those DC days where the humidity is somehow over 100%. I thought that it was going to rain, but the storm never broke, at least not where I was riding.
A good number of riders out in Arlington, but I didn't see any CaBis. I did see a lot of cars. Ipso facto, the Republicans of Arlington County were right! I'm generally exhausted by "debates" like this, but I'm glad that other bike writers out there continue to fight the good fight. They do it so I don't have to. Instead, I write about nonsense like this- do you know that new Turkish Airlines commercial with Kobe Bryant? I think it's pretty great. I think it's so great that I can't stop singing "we are turkish airlines/we are globally yours." I find it to be hauntingly beautiful.
Based on the number of campaign signs I saw, I'm pretty sure that Vincent Orange is going to win. Oh wait.  They weren't there yesterday morning, so I think that means they were put up during the day. Now, I know that there are a lot of voters who don't make up their mind until the last minute, but I don't know if this is an effective strategy. "Ok, I'm about to go vote, but who should I choose? Well, that guy's campaign seems to have a lot of signs that they're only deploying now. Seems like a winning move. I pick him!"
Please don't ever try to pass a bicyclist with your car on a downhill curve. It's sort of dickish.
I'm not a fan of headphones while cycling, but I'm equally not a fan of motorists who wear headphones while driving. I'm also not a fan of motorists who air drum while wearing headphones driving. Hi-hat hi-hat car crash.
I love when you catch the last light right at your destination. Way better than standing around waiting. That's some serious profundity there.

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