Ride Home 5/26

I won't be blogging tomorrow, so this is the end of week for me. I'll resume on Tuesday, when I'll be back at work, working and whatnot.
The ride home today was not espeically interesting, aside from the preposterous hotness and humidity, which seemed more in line with a Jurassic Park environment than one that should be habited by humans.
I appreciate conscientious drivers. There's not much more to be said about that, but nonetheless, it's worth putting that in the public record. Conscientious drivers make my day. They pass with adequate space, in a way that seems safe, and avoid the worst of the impatient, bad driver habits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (feliz navidad?)
Empty roads make for joyful cycling. This is made even more joyful when you can catch some key lights and avoid waiting behind exhaust-spewing buses.
I decided that today was the day that I would stop complaining and start taking some different routes. I eschewed R street for S (it was fine) and I skipped Nash for Fort Myer. I think that the reason I rode Nash was because it's flatter and it broke up the climb through Rosslyn into more manageable sections. Fort Myer is doable except for the a) speeding cars and difficulty merging and b) the continuous incline. I don't know that I'll do next week, but as of today, I'm self-satisfied.
I stopped mid-ride at my wife's other office in Rosslyn to say goodbye and good luck to her graduating intern, for whom she was hosting a going away party because she's, yet again, cool like that. This was convenient because it was horrifically hot outside and I doubly appreciated it because I was given a bottle of Sam Adams seasonal varietal for my troubles. I threw it in my bag rather than pour it in my water bottle.
Wilson Boulevard was Wilson Boulevard (once I said "Bildt is Bildt" to (perceived) great aplomb. This might have been the most pretentious thing I've ever uttered) and I was happy for a relatively uneventful ride home. I felt that my drivetrain was a bit dirty and that this was hindering my overall velocity. I should clean my chain some time soon. I really hate dirty drivetrains, but one only has so much time he can spend maintaining his bicycle. Dirty Drivetrain, I think, was also a member of the Wu Tang Clan from 1997-1998.

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