Ride In 5/5

Sometimes it hard to do the blog equivalent of making a silk's purse out of a sow's ear. What's there to say about this morning? Well, 46 degrees is 46 degrees regardless of whether it's cloudy or sunny. I wasn't terribly comfortable on my bike, but that might have more to do with the fact that I imbibed two pint glasses of milk, along with a glass of orange juice and a cappuccino, alongside my bowl of Golden Grahams. Normally, I don't even really eat breakfast, so this was something of a departure for me. Fun fact: I don't put milk on my cereal. Instead, I eat the cereal dry (annoyingly crunchily, some might have said) and drink the milk from a glass. I find that thought of soggy cereal to be highly off-putting.
Another day of compliance with the bike light on the Custis. I'm a regular whatever the opposite of a scofflaw is. 
Key Bridge was downright weird today. I saw one super-biker, one girl "jogging" in broad-striped grey and yellow sweatpants that were probably her pajamas, a guy on a fully-load Long Haul Trucker (with fenders, rear rack, and two panniers), another guy jogging in shorts that were maybe a bathing suit. Also, do all women (excepting the one in pajamas) jogging in Washington buy their outfits from the same ribbed tank top store? Then there was a women in a very long red dress that was devoid of shape and was probably too long because it was made of polyester and it just looked off. The span isn't especially long, but it was long enough.
I saw a bicyclist pull out from behind the gates of the Russian embassy today. That's a first. Also, saw someone pull out from Sutton Place on a bicycle. Another first.
They've raised parking at my office (which is a school) so that it's now $16/day. It was previously $12. I don't know to what extent that will impact bicycling to campus, but I think it will be negligible. It might be more effective in persuading people to take public transportation, but if you weren't biking at $12, I doubt that you're gonna start at $16. It's apparently a green initiative, one of many, but in my opinion, unless it's combined with some incentivization/subsidization of alternate means of getting here, I question its overall impact on modeshare. Run more shuttles more frequently to the Metro or buy people bikeshare membership or smart passes and then you'll see less driving.

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