No Ride In 6/1

Not a propitious start for June. Oh well.
Over the weekend, the Official Wife and Official Brother had a great time making fun of  discussing the various reoccurring themes of the blog and mockingly intimated that they would collaborate of a Tales From The Sharrows Mad Libs-style template so that anyone could write his or her own bike commuter blog. It would include things like "I rode over the [name of American patriot] Bridge today and the pedestrians were [derogatory term] even though I rang my bell [really big number] times" and "I was passed too closely by a [model of BMW] and the driver was a total [derogatory term] and that's why I don't believe in the [Julie Andrews movie character] Effect." Once I get a spec, I'll be sure to post it.
Also, reader poll: Should I start giving the posts wacky subtitles? Or any kind of subtitles? I'm getting a bit bored with "ride in" and "ride home," though they are, unlike everything else here, factually accurate and reasonably evocative.
Also also, yesterday was the 4 month anniversary of the blog in it's current incarnation and I just want to say thank you to anyone who's been reading, whether for the entire time or just for a little while. While I could (technically) do it without you, that would be quite sad and I much prefer the idea that there are some people out there who care about abide the nonsense I'm willing to put in writing. You (collectively and as individuals) are the best.

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