No Ride In 6/2

It's the best weather in a long time for bicycling but I'm working from home on account of my lingering illness. For those you who did ride bicycles today, I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope to be back on the bike tomorrow.
If you've come to rely on this blog to kill some time during the workday and don't know what to do with the 7 or 8 minutes you've gained on account of my malady, I suggest that you use it to look at the map of proposed Capital Bikeshare bikesharing bike stations planned for Arlington in the upcoming months. If these were to roll out as is, there'd be one right at the corner near our building. But, most likely by the time that station was placed, we'll probably have already moved. Oh well.

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  1. Feel better! In the meantime I'm forced to narrate my own commute in my head - usually not quite as witty.