Ride Home 6/20

I have an indeterminate amount of time to write this post for reasons I don't care to explain, so here goes.
WHAT. A. BEAUTIFUL. RIDE. HOME. WHAT. A. STUPID. USE. OF CAPITALIZATION. AND. PERIODS. It was really gorgeous weather, the kind of spring day that I wish we actually had in spring. Days like this don't come around often and I'm glad that I was able to ride my bicycle today. It made up for the rain this morning. Easily.
Saw of lot of random nonsense on the way home through the District. People carry some weird stuff in the back seats of their cars. For example, in my back seat currently, we have an inflatable drink cooler in the shape of kiddie pool with a protruding palm tree. I saw some guy with a rather large assemblage of neckties (more than 20). I don't think he was a necktie salesman. Perhaps he was some yet-to-be-caught Strangler. But a classy one. People also transport their dogs in the back of their automobiles and sometimes the dogs get very excited when they pass by bicyclists. Woof to you as well.
I saw a dog wearing a boot (back left paw), but the boot looked like it was a cut-up trash bag tightened around the leg with a rubber band.
Almost crashed into a guy who was transporting surf boards across the street from his parked jeep into his home. Surf boards! That's definitely a first. Mahalo and pay better attention when you're carrying your surf board across city streets. Aloha, Brian.
A pack of five cyclists with various level of super-biker-itude rode past me at the intersection of Fort Myer and the Custis Trail and I figured I just had to follow them and see what that was all about. (At a certain point, everyone is someone else's superbiker). They weren't riding in a group, but they could have been based on their vaguely matching outfits in the bluish color family. While they diverged and some stayed on the road while the others (and me) remained on the trail, I found myself behind two guys, the latter of which was wearing a cycling jersey that said QUISPO (I think) and had an animated alien character drawn on it. He also had on rather large cycling shoes that had an outer layer of yellow plastic. The shoes looked like the cycling equivalent of duck shoes. Strange.
I hung with them for a while and then went along. All about the Custis were cyclists, spread out the way that professional cyclists might get spread out up a long climb.
I liked the the driver of the SUV I followed up Key Boulevard today drove in the middle of the street directly at the traffic circles. I felt like there was something extra efficient about this, or maybe just symmetrical.
Pop. Fizzzzzzzzzzz. That's the sound of a flat tire. And that's what befell me less than a mile from home. In terms of where to get a flat tired, I couldn't have been better situated. I was literally across the street from a bike shop. Did I go in and get a tube? No, I didn't. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I just walked my bike home and not even especially mopey. These things happen I've been told. I didn't attempt a side of the road patch because seriously? I'm like less than a mile from home. It's not that bad of a walk. At least it wasn't on my birthday.

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