Ride Home 6/21

Let's keep this short.
Love seeing old guys walking multiple dogs. Especially when it's like 7 dogs. I don't know if he's in the professional dog walking business or an amateur looking to turn pro or a horder in desperate need of psychological evaluation, but in any case, it's great to see. Dogs looked like they were having fun. But dogs tend to look like that.
Ever had a car tailgate you so you decide to turn and then the car also turns and then you go to wave the guy around you and then it turns out where you're slowing down is in front of the guy's driveway? Yeah. This is what happens when you try to be nice.
Mercedes, meet lamppost. Oh, you already did. That's unlucky. Would it be ok if you moved your car out of the bike lane? Still sort of pissed about the lamppost thing? Yeah, figured.
I really worry that I'm going to get too close to a car when I go to pass by and my metal basket is going to scrape its paint and then it's going to be a big ordeal. Lawsuits and whatever. This worry isn't really actionable- I'm just sharing my deepest, darkest basket-related fears.
If you buy three tubes at Revolution Cycles, you get a slight discount . Now that I have tubes, I hope to never get another flat. Universal rule. Murphy's Law or karma or the kind or the kind of irony Alanis Morisette sang about works this way, right?
Twins in matching clothing: fair or foul? Like if they're under 5? Probably fair. Is this in any way helpful though? For parental purposes? Like if you're at the playground and you happen to be really good at Go Fish, then maybe it makes sense.
When I walk, I habitually look directly in front of me to see what's/who's coming. Not askance or behind me or above my head. Just straight ahead. It's amazing what you'll see and how much it reduces the stress of being startled by a slowly approaching bicyclist.
Uphill is uphill, even when it's hot.
Pet peeve: blocking the bike lane to unload passengers when there's an open parking spot directly parallel to the place you're idling. Just pull into the spot! What you're doing makes it worse for drivers looking to park and for bicyclists just trying to get by. And if quickly as you think you're dumping granny or kiddo curbside, it's never actually that fast. Your flashers do not somehow mitigate this inconvenience. This is annoying.
Biked over the same bit of road debris that caused my flat yesterday. In retrospect, quite dumb.

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