Ride Home 7/14

I didn't have the materials (though, maybe finally the wherewithal) to fix my flat at work, so I took Bikeshare. It's hard to imagine that a little less than a year ago, I wouldn't have had this option and instead would have taken the Metro and bus and it would have taken more than an hour and a half to go home. I rode from campus to Rosslyn in about 20 minutes. In under a year from now, thanks to the expansion in Arlington, I would be able to make the entire trip, almost door to door, exclusively with Bikeshare. That's pretty amazing, especially consider than neither the AU campus, nor where I live near Ballston are especially "central" locations. I suppose this is just a long-winded way of saying "I'm grateful for Capital Bikeshare and keep growing because sometimes people get flat tires and need to get home and would prefer to do so by bicycle," which itself is a long-winded way of saying "thanks."
Capital Bikeshare is the only red line that's reliable at rush hour.
I rode down Massachusetts as the only bicyclist in the road, most choosing instead to ride on the sidewalk. Perhaps with good reason as I was passed within inches by a Maryland-plated Black Mercedes driven by a moptopped jackass who managed to pass me within inches. While I applaud his driving skills (seriously, like 6 inches. it was so close I laughed at the ridiculousness and almost wanted to laud the feat), it's unforgivably dangerous and I truly hope that he learns to operate his vehicle in a more considerate and less potentially deadly way.
Wisconsin is fun and choppy, but the CaBis are tanks. I love riding those things at speed. Surprisingly good brakes too.
34th seems very narrow on a CaBi. I rode next to a large truck that provided "shielding" as we both rolled our way through (the stop signs of) Georgetown.
I took the turn on M pretty hard and I'm sort of amazed I didn't fall down. I'm sure glad that Fenty and Klein had the forethought to incorporate Weeble technology into the system.
I took the hills of Rosslyn as fast as I could and that wasn't very fast. It was my homage to all those riders who cracked on Luz Ardiden.
I walked home from Rosslyn. 3 miles on a bike is vastly different from the same distance walking. I missed at least one bus, but I stopped at a bike shop to pick up some new tubes and some new cleats. I haven't figured out how I'm going to work tomorrow, whether by Cross Check or CaBi or car. It'll be a game time decision.
I passed these newly installed bike parking stations (?) that were discussed at the Bike Advisory Committee meeting on Monday.
Park here

They slip over the denuded poles of former parking meters. Quite sturdy too. I tested by pulling with all my might, which is not very much. It's a welcome addition to bike parking infrastructure and the initial installation had them installed all the way to Edgewood Street. A very worthwhile investment and a great repurposing of former parking meters.
If you like bikes and baseball, you can do this. Or not. Just sharing.
Though if you like baseball, you'd know to stay clear of a Nats-Mets game. You'd really have to like biking to make up for it. Maybe you could go and then just turn around and come back? Or check out the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail or Yards Park?

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