Ride In 7/26

I spent a good ten minutes fiddling with my rear wheel, trying to make it true to the line of the rear fender. I did this before leaving and not somewhere in the middle of my trip. I think it's ok now, but it was probably ok to start. I don't know why I do these things.
Sometimes I adjust the speed of my ride in order to better mesh with traffic. It's purely voluntary, but in a lot of situations, I find that I'm more comfortable riding faster than I would otherwise prefer to and I'm willing to pedal a little harder in order to gain the advantage of mixing in with cars a little better. Like I said, it's voluntary (and given my level of fitness, I can keep it up for about 13 seconds), but sometimes it feels "safer."
Legs felt good so I took the long way. Counted 110 bicyclists on the CCT with 7 going in my direction and 103 going the other way. This isn't the highest count I've ever had, but it's still pretty substantial. Does anyone know if there's a more formal/scientific process by which the NPS tazes counts bicyclists using the trail? Not that they'd do anything with that information, except maybe declare each individual rider responsible for the blemished viewshed of the drivers slogging their way down Canal to work.
Legs felt good enough going up Macomb and Glennbrook and Loughboro and that was a welcome surprise. I guess it's only Tuesday and I didn't ride this weekend, but I'm always pleased when a ride turns out to be less strenuous than I expect.
Is there any conceivable reason for me to get a trunk bag? Probably not, right?
Sorry to anyone on the trail that I passed too closely. I hate getting cut off and I regret that I did it a couple of times. I guess you could either blame me or the person riding in the other direction, but realistically, it's more fair to blame me since I'm the one who actually did it. Or we can all settle on blaming drivers for some reason. Boo drivers! (Note: this is sort of a joke)

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  1. It's old, but... http://www.cctrail.org/CCCTsurvey.htm