Ride Home 8/3

Another truncated ride, this time from work to Rosslyn. I took a somewhat wet CaBi and this caused no real problems except for my shoes slipping on the pedals, especially on the downhill. It was a lot of sitting back and enjoying the ride since there was no sense in trying to pedal faster anyway.
I took Mass to Wisconsin to 34th, all the way enjoying the CaBi's resilience on that rather un-uniform roads. I don't know how people ride down Wisconsin on anything skinner than a 45 tire- it's brutal.
A good amount of bike commuter types out and about, which is heartening, if mundane.
Not much cooler than a low flying helicopter sweeping over the Key Bridge. I'd like to assume that it's somehow affiliated with the President, so I'm just going to take it as a tacit presidential endorsement of bike commuting. Though if the President were in charge of negotiating for a 3 feet to pass rule, I'd suggest we'd start by asking for 8.
It was about 17 minutes from work to Rosslyn, which has to be faster than going by car. I don't think this fact alone is persuasive, but it's illustrative.
I think that there's a brief bollard-protected cycletrack for about 30 feet on a street with no name (because it's a driveway) that runs between Lee Highway and 19th Street. You can copy and paste the below link since when I tried to embed the picture, it reverted to some other picture. I think this means that THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT IT! Or not really.


It's not as "glamourous" or "useful" as the 15th street one in DC, but I don't know that Arlington had this quality bicycle infrastructure.
I took the bus the rest of the way home, bemoaning that the big Arlington bikeshare roll out hasn't happened yet, but the bus was ok. A really diverse mix on the 4H and it got me home in another 10 minutes. A small and pointless victory for multi-modalism.

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