Ride Home 9/6

I was going to postone this post until tomorrow, but I've recently stumbled into something of a second wind and realized that blogging pre-coffee wouldn't work out well for anyone. It's been approximately 37 hours (approx.) since I rode home, so I can only offer the vaguest recollection of being somewhat wet and then only for a little. I think it stopped raining right around the time I got off of work, unbeknownst to me and my planning to bear the brunt of come what may. (Hackneyed writing? Check.)
The new tires ride really well in the rain.
Oh yeah, that big news about Capital Bikeshare. I'm excited, but it's never going to happen unless DC pays for the stations. Eric Cantor already hates bikeshare enough. I think it'd be worth the investment, assuming the money mostly stays in DC's coffers and the kickbacks to NPS are minimal. I also have a whole bunch of thoughts about the Mall and bike infrastructure, which someday might blossom into a post of their own. Or those thoughts might wither away. In short, if there's no dedicated bike infrastructure on the Mall, mixed-used paths are going to be taken over by bicyclists. Which is fine. Except for pedestrians, who really need their own space. And maybe some people will bike on the streets, which is also fine. Except tell me about all of those times you've biked on 15th in front of the Washington Monument and not been nearly run over by some driver speeding along, cutting it way too close. If you're going to let people bike on the Mall, try to give them their own dedicated place to do it.
PBR twelve pack box wrapped in aluminum foil used as rear fender? Yup.
Hipsters loves fenders, provided they (the fenders) are bootleg enough.
He had a front fender too. I don't know if this is a sign of industriousness or bike savvy or what, but I think we can safely conclude the following: suck it Brooklyn.
Grocery store bike tip: if you want to use workaday bike commuting as a means of "training" (I don't know why, but some people might do this), stop for your groceries at a store far away from your abode. That way you can work in the 'heavy' miles by transporting spaghetti and a six pack. I guess you could stop at a store closest to work, but I don't want anyone to get food poisoning. Except for maybe Eric Cantor.
Some days I think to myself, what would it look like if I wore a cycling jersey decorated with the image of a flaming bunny rabbit? Now I know.
Also, note the flashing lights beneath the pannier covers. 
I don't know if this is the official kit of the new Nissan-Trek-Lapin a la Cocotte team, but I like it.

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