Ride In 10/14

In a lot of ways, this was the first real fall morning that we've had. It was rainy and gray and dark, air tinged with coolness, though mild and more befitting September than mid-October, when I don't necessarily expect it to be in the 60s, but if that's how it goes, that's how it goes. It was wet enough to soak me though, but the rain provided hardly any resistance to riding, as it some times does when it's driving and hard and accompanied by wind gusts. This rain was, if not gentle, at least non-violent and perhaps even benevolent, not out of character with the season, but instead representative of it. Though I think, overall, I'd like it to be a bit cooler, even if that means a colder rain. For more of my thoughts on rain, please download my podcast "Musings on Rain and its Seasonability" available iTunes. (Note: not a real podcast)
Unfortunately, rain washes away whatever desire I have to ride a different, longer route into work, as is sometimes my wont on Fridays, so it was the typical ho-hum down the stately wide boulevards, semi-stately cycle track (if you're state is in Holland) and alternately stately and unstately narrow stretches of the cross-town letter streets.
This morning, I had alternately stuck in my head: Rolling in the Deep, Here Comes the Sun and the Yankee Stadium version of God Bless America. I'm willing to accept free psychological diagnoses, though not trite derision from audiophiles. Odd.
There's a commuter bus from Maryland that stops to let off a passenger at the intersection of East Capitol and 2nd Street, NE. It doesn't pull over, but instead empties the woman into the bike lane. If you see a bus door open, you might want to stop.
Manhole cover update: it's at 7th. Right in the middle of the bike lane. Do be careful. Especially on rainy days. (Also, is manhole a sexist term? I'd endorse personhole, but that doesn't sound any better. Perhaps underground access point?)
A fair number of bicyclists out, but a far cry from earlier in the week. I can't say I blame them. Though it doesn't sound like Metro is any better on rainy days. Or non-rainy days.
I love my tires. That is all. Not the best rolling resistance, but they're great for commuting, so I guess that wasn't all. Now, that is all. I'm also certain that I can't put off replacing my brake pads for much longer. I'm absolutely killing them dead. I think I've had these pads in since March, so it's about time anyway. It'll make a difference, I hope.

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