Ride In 10/20

It's jacket weather. Maybe sweater weather. Finally.
Following my "take what the road gives you" strategy, I ended up riding in front of Union Station this morning. Update: the bicycle infrastructure improvements are still not completed. And then rather than turning down E, the "road" (and by road, I mean stop lights and traffic pattern) told me to keep going down Massachusetts. I briefly flirted with the idea of taking Mass the entire rest of the way, but I figured if I was going to do such a long stretch of Mass, I should've done it for as long as I possibly could and not just pick it up on the other side of Lincoln Park. I should pay special homage to the all-Massachusetts route by riding it on Patriot's Day or Tom Brady's birthday or some other appropriate time, maybe eating a wicked good can of baked beans as I ride.
The road, assisted by a stopped bus, then told me to get off Massachusetts at 5th (actually a little before the intersection because of the stopped bus, I lifted my bike onto the sidewalk for about 20 feet) and ride that to R. 5th NW has a bicycle lane on the other side of New York and is very sedate in the morning. If I had a seal of approval, I'd give it to that street, though I question whether it would be capable of accepting the honor.
Riding across town I was behind a guy with a Bern helmet, Bianchi single speed (freehwheel on the flip-flop hub) and a Chrome bag. If this isn't the direction that urban cycling is heading, this is where urban cycling is.  It's definitely the "au courant" look, even in DC. Make of that what you will.I have no strong feelings about "cycle style." You could easily ascertain this if you ever saw me.
Need to steal of pumpkin for Halloween? St. Sophia's leaves their pumpkin patch unguarded. Of course, if you're stealing a gourd from a church, you have significantly worse problems than a mere lack of a jack-o-lantern.


  1. It was a brisk ride in. Lots of folks out today.

  2. I know. It was good to see them after the rainy yesterday. I think that while the numbers have dropped and will continue to as it gets colder, there's definitely a solid year-round contingent. With Bikeshare in place this winter, I expect to be even higher this year.