Special Bonus Rainy Day Guest Post

I've been holding on to this guest post for a while now, but since it's a rainy day and we could all use a (non-imbibable) pick-me-up, courtesy of #bikeDC luminary legend, Big Sean, here goes. I'd also be remiss at this time not to mention The Bike House, where Sean volunteers, as both a mechanic and a twitterer. They do great work and if you'd like to learn more or get involved, please check out their site. If you'd ever like to write a post or would like me to promote your bike-related cause, send me an email at talesfromthesharrows@gmail.com.

Ride In 9/28/2011 
Route: Manor Park-Downtown

I recently changed my route and cut out the most harrowing 3-block of stretch of my bike commute along Georgia Ave s/b  b/w Kansas and New Hampshire.  Of course that detour was brought on in whole part by being hit by one arse-hole driver on said harrowing stretch.  
Arse-hole driver’s p.o.s. Hyundai complete with large passenger door dent courtesy yours truly’s knee and front wheel
In any case, heading south on 8th St from Kansas over Upshur, Taylor, Shepherd and Randolph should have been the go-to route as it is signed “BICYCLE ROUTE”, though does not have bicycle lanes, sharrows nor any other such facilities, it is simply a calm residential street.

After a light hill 8th St NW takes me to New Hampshire where there is always a long queue at the light with Georgia Ave.  I filter to the front and at green shoot out like a rocket on the slightly down/up of Sherman, attempting to reach Park Road before any bus car or van can approach from behind and do that “Must Get In Front” thing that drivers are so prone to do. 
Park Road takes me to the friendly confines of 11th St in Columbia Heights which smells really great in the morning  (shout out to the Latino Bakery b/w Meridian Pint & Wonderland that makes that sweet-sweet bread). 
Sometimes there is an idling private vehicle in the bike lane (delivery trucks are understandable).  Yesterday morning there was one which caused myself and another lady to swerve awkwardly almost into a police cruiser also heading southbound.  He noticed the rude obstruction and kindly pulled over behind us and flashed his lights and I presume wrote a ticket for the offender.  It was sweet retribution.  I don’t care if the person got a ticket, I just hope the police officer said something like “What makes you think that what you are doing is OK?”
The short stretch of 12th St b/w Florida and R is a nice respite from the lights and cars (there are none) on either 11th, 13th or 14th.  If you haven’t already, try it.
I’m a pro at Logan Circle.
After making the always tricky sharp right turn at speed while avoiding slick manholes onto G, I said whatsup to the habesha parking garage guys and locked up as usual.  It always takes approximately 97 seconds to fiddle with my locks.  Another guy pulled up and parked his bicycle, I didn’t talk to him, he was just a meshie.


  1. Slick manhole echo back: I'm still nursing a sore/broken/chipped knee a month later because I didn't realize that it was still go-down slick at 2 miles an hour as I ever so gently rounded a corning at 14th & Penn. Glad I landed in the crosswalk and the light was still red.
    De-slick your ride.

  2. I went down on grates two Septembers ago and since then I've been very, very wary about going over anything that isn't asphalt. It's shitty to go down hard, to say nothing of being embarrassing.

  3. I am always on the lookout for the lowest traffic route possible. I am still fairly new to bike commuting, and I suppose I will become more comfortable as I get more experience. To avoid the worst of rush hour traffic in the evening, I've been taking the bus home (I have a folding bike though, so I can still ride in in the morning).