Ride Home 11/15

November 15 and I'm wearing shorts! Shorts! That's great. Great! Exclamatory repetition. Exclamatory!
Marijuana. (how's that for a segue?) Sometimes you smell it and sometimes that smell seems to be emanating from an automobile, one being driven only a few feet from you. I understand that some people like to smoke marijuana as a leisure activity (or for medicine?), but I'd generally prefer that it not be done in any proximity to the act of driving, which, when done poorly, is imperiling to me enough already. Also, don't drink and drive. Or text and drive. So, that's that.
It's best to remain in the bike lane at a stop light, rather than drift to the right side of the road by the sidewalk. This might even prevent impatient drivers from honking at you (since you're blocking their right turn on red). I mean, do what you want, but it's just a suggestion of a way to not get honked at.
Do taxis not come equipped with turn signals?
15th street, while possessing a cycletrack, is slow and unpleasant for the evening commute. I was stopped at red lights at:
- P
- Rhode Island
- Massachusetts
- L (briefly)
- K
- I
For those of you playing at home, that's all of them from Q to the White House, except H. And that's not an irregularity. You can't avoid them. Sucks. This is why I don't ride this way in the evening.
Security tape down, so I rode through. So did the woman who was riding behind me and she pulled through the bollards faster than I did. I slowed in the bike lane to avoid some jackass jogger.
Lots of CMs parked in front of the JAWB. Didn't notice if the silver bullet was there.
Nothing much of interest for the rest of the trip. Frankly, I like it better that way. I whistled a little, sometimes it was Sheena Easton. Caution tape was down by the Capitol, so our long national nightmare is over.
I got my new lights in the mail, so I'll install them later or maybe tomorrow. So much more blinking.
One other thing: WABA wants us to drink beer on their behalf. I don't casually bandy about the word "hero," but if you were to do this, you would be one. Better than GI Joe, Batman and Sully Sullenberger combined. I'm going to try to go.


  1. I noticed the security tape down just before 1 pm. This calls for great rejoicing!! well, I'm happy.

  2. It was down again this morning and I rode through. I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it, but every time it's down, I make of point of going through the bollards.

  3. 15th street cycletrack lights are awful. 14th is so much better, and I think it has better scenery/people watching opportunities.

  4. I've taken to hopping down between the two sets of bollards (after the taped set) and riding through the second set, just to be obnoxious and make a point.

  5. "just to be obnoxious and make a point"

    Now we're talking!