Ride Home 11/4

Please excuse the delay in my posting. I had a meeting with my attorney last night.
Since we moved house (needless anglicism), I no longer exist school directly down New Mexico and instead have to work my way back over to Massachusetts. This is somewhat annoying, since my options are to either make an illegal left turn and sit in traffic on Nebraska or ride the sidewalk parallel at, invariably, the exact same time a bus is unloading its passengers and crowding the sidewalk. It's just not ideal.
It's rare that you see a bus in reverse on a 45 degree angle to the roadway, but I guess that's what happens when a road is closed and the driver doesn't realize it until after he's nearly completed his turn. He managed to sort his way out of it (this was at Mass and Idaho), but I watched a bunch of drivers get themselves in the same spot and of course there was the one guy in the back of the line who, rather than look at what might be hindering his forward progress (I talk about transportation as if I was an NFL referee), honked and cussed as he blocked car traffic in the other direction. Unlucky.
Hey, left-leaning people. I've got some news for you. Just because someone's sporting an Obama (08 or 12) bumper sticker, it doesn't mean he's going to be a bicycle-friendly driver. Sorry. I want it to be true too, but it's just not.
There's a guy who almost daily protests outside of the Vatican embassy with a sign that reads CATHOLIC COWARDS, presumably in response to the various pedophilia scandals. Yesterday, he was joined by another guy who had a big sign about tar sands. I couldn't read the tar sands sign, or at least not in time, but I'm a little confused about why he'd protest outside this particular embassy. On this rock, I will embark on various means of energy extraction to power my Church...?
I felt really good riding on Q. There are certain days when the bike (or me) seems to function smoother and more efficiently. It's just a great feeling, especially when it's on a Friday. It's serendipitous as well, since I have no clue when its going to happen. Zen?
I dinged twice to give a friendly hello to a family riding in a pedicab on Penn. Sort of a cheeky (needless anglicism) move. They were nonplussed. Just trying to be friendly.
I don't normally fall into the whole Cat 6 commuter racing thing, mostly because I'm slow and mostly because commuting isn't a race, but there's one thing stirs my competitive juices (juices:100% from concentrate) in a way that I can't resist, which is when I think that someone is going to try to pass me on an incline. I'll go 'all out' to ensure that this doesn't happen. I don't know why I'm compelled to do this, but I've convinced myself that this is some important point of pride. Some guy with a squeaky chain seemed to be lining me up to pass near the base of the Capitol, but he didn't. I will declare myself the winner, even though he might have turned and maybe wasn't even racing me in the first place. Nonetheless, winner.

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