Ride In 11/23

This might be the last post until Monday, but only if we leave this afternoon. If we decide to leave tomorrow morning, you'll get one more. Feel free to read that, this, or any other post aloud at the dinner table in place of grace. Have fun explaining to your relatives what sharrows are.
Today was not a pleasant morning. It was a Washington morning, when somehow the humidity hovered between 75 and 85% and I couldn't quite tell whether it had just rained, was about to rain or was actually raining right then. It was also warmer than I expected and my outfit of jeans and a long-sleeve shirt seemed overmuch for the occasion.
There were other bicyclists out, but not too many. A dad and his kid riding along East Capitol, a superbiker getting turned around and lost in the Capitol grounds, a guy on a CaBi that I had previously ridden in front of and then behind after he shoaled me along 15th, which he did again today, in spite of my best efforts to avoid this. While I'm given up (ha!) complaining too much about this epiphenomenon in the rise of urban cycling, I guess I still just don't understand it. He seemed miffed when I passed him again on 15th, but them's the breaks, buck-o.
My feet kept slipping off my pedals today. I wasn't wearing my biking shoes and the wet pedals proved rather difficult to keep under me. Hijinks. I must've looked like an ass, especially toward the beginning of the ride when every third downstroke resulted in one of my legs jerking in an awkward and unexpected way. Comedy gold.
Sometimes a Cross Fire (the car, not that awesome marble shooting game or the less awesome erstwhile CNN program) crosses the path of a Cross Check (in spite of my cross glaring at the totally unaware driver) and  I narrowly avoided a collision as he completed his left turn across the 15th street cycletrack. I braked pretty hard and my back wheel wobbled as I came to a skidding near stop. Fun times. I don't think that there's a level of signage or number of bollards that can these kinds of events less likely. I think this is just what happens when you tack bike infrastructure onto already existing roads.
That sweaty helmet feeling is the worst.Worst.
So, in conclusion, Happy Turkey (Türkiye?) Day! I give thanks for (and to) everyone who regularly or irregularly reads this blogular content. Have a great weekend.

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  1. It was downright BALMY this morning. If that level of humidity can be classified in that definition. I walked instead of biking, and had to strip down to my t-shirt, feeling foolish about my choice of corduroys.
    Here's hoping you're graced with hot cross buns at your Thanksgiving feast.