Buttons Sales, Calendar Year Ending Soon

This is a reminder that the sale of DC Sharrows buttons, pictured below, will be ending on the last day of 2011, a mere hundred something hours away.
Buttons = awesome

Also ending on that day will be the opportunity to purchase an "I blog your ride," an "I blog your ride + sandwich" or "I deliver your button by bicycle while wearing a tuxedo." All profits from button sales and anything else you might want to buy from me will be donated to WABA, possibly by means of a comically large check (if my bank offers those). I've been reticent so far to set any goals, mostly from fear of not meeting them, but now that we're getting closer to the end, I'm going to go all pie-in-the-sky (the name of my not yet started baked good-by-dirigible concern) and put a number out there. That number is 1000, as in dollars. American dollars. I want you (via me) to raise $1000 for WABA. In order to get there, we're going to need a few more sandwich purchases. Get too much money from grandma and not enough buttons from the remainder of your loved ones? I can totally fix that. Or maybe someone wants to buy the printed collection of the blog (don't do this). Or we can negotiate. Have some onerous yard work you'd like a semi-known local bike blogger to do (half-assedly)? Name your price. Want someone to watch your kids? I'll do that for money which I'll subsequently give that to WABA. I will also ask you and your kids to sign waivers. Out of prison and getting the gang back together for one last score and need a getaway driver? Well, I'm not going to commit to do that in writing, but email me your phone number at talesfromthesharrows@gmail.com and maybe we can set something up. Maybe.
So please visit manfredmacx.com and place your orders soon. Not to be dramatic or anything, but TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!!!! All buttons will be shipped/delivered in early January. To everyone that has purchased so far, I offer you tremendous and completely non-cynical gratitude. Happy New Year!

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  1. What? You'll watch my kids? Seriously? One just got out of rehab, he's pretty mellow as long as he takes his meds. The other one has a touch of ADD but you're cool with that right? I'll make sure the lighters are hidden...