Buttons Soon Available!

After much procrastination and some minor struggles using various computer-based painting tools, I'm pleased to announce that Tales From The Sharrows buttons will soon be made available for purchase. All profits will go to WABA. If the button sale goes especially well and you'd like other Tales From The Sharrows branded merchandise, like coffee mugs or beer growlers or pet clothes or whatever, I'll consult with my design group, supply chain managers and the warehouse team (all of these people are actually just Ellie the Poodle) and we'll start ramping up production (Ellie the Poodle merchandise could also be made available).  I haven't priced the buttons yet (keep in mind that profits are going to a good cause, so I'll probably charge slightly higher than market rate) nor figured out a way to facilitate your purchase through the internet, but I plan to work on that and I'll let you know as soon as I do. Also, let's declare this initial run a "limited edition," because that sounds cool and important and whatnot.


  1. These look great, nice DC touch. Looking forward to getting a few for stocking stuffers.

  2. tim, BikeArlingtonDecember 04, 2011 9:05 PM

    How about one of those OBX style bumper stickers.

    I'd totally buy one...if I lived in DC...and if I ever drove my car...

  3. Product I'd like to see with your logo:

  4. @Kevin- Awesome!
    @Tim- don't worry. I've got something special for you. A little holiday present. More details soon.
    @BW- Yes, I suppose those are more bikey than pet clothes. I'll get working on that for spring time.
    @ultrarunnergirl- I hope this means you like them.

  5. I would definitely get one. Or two. Maybe even three!

    How about water bottle-holder friendly travel coffee mugs with the same design?

  6. Very sharp looking! I'm in for one. Hope it is relatively rust-resistant. I'll put it on a pannier bag.