Social Obligation Delays Blogging, Sources Say

This is what happens when I don't use Ride Out (or In) MM/DD as a title. In any case, I'm otherwise engaged this evening and will be writing up the ride tomorrow, possibly with exclamation points, possibly without. To tide you over, because I'm ever-so-certain that you need tiding (and tidings?), I suggest you check out as many of the blogs on the blogroll as possible. Because they wouldn't be there if they weren't great and/or if I updated the blogroll more frequently. Just joshing you about the latter part- they're all actually great and I read each one every day or however frequently there are new posts. I've "curated" them in one place, just for the nine of you. This is what makes this the 37th most popular DC area bike commuter blog. Actually, it's the writing that makes it 37th; were it just the blogroll, it'd be top 10.

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