Ride Home 1/23

Done with class. It's a class on blogging and brevity. We were let out early.
Great, misty night. Dark and not too cold. I was powered by a burrito. I felt less than lethargic, which is a change for a ride home.
I thought someone was dumping the contents of a mug outside of a car window, but it turned out what I thought was a mug was a head and what I thought were its contents were assuredly vomit. He must've just read the bar mittsvah part.
I don't like to complain about cab drivers as a class of people (that's not fair. I don't like it when people talk about "all bicyclists"), but I will tell you that one almost got me and I didn't much care for it. I yelled "WHOA HEY WHAT THE fuck are you doing?" The driver said sorry. I heard a pedestrian snicker. I don't know if he was snickering at the driver driving badly, and living up to the reputation of cab drivers, or me being all self-righteous and smug and not wanting to get crushed by a taxi. So self-righteous.
FOURTH WALL ALERT: I have just learned that Downtown Abbey did not record. Our DVR doesn't work any more. Comcast is the WMATA of cable companies. And bicyclists blowing stop signs is the "illegal immigration" of local traffic issues. People get far too riled over an issue that barely gas any import. Anyway, this is almost a disaster. We'll have to watch on the computer. UPDATE: it doesn't appear to be up on pbs.org. Back to bemoaning.
I saw some anti-abortion people praying at the Capitol. I think. I'm not gonna get all political here, but I've made my views of other things pretty clear. As the Grand Stonecutter of the Armory West branch of the DC Tea (and crumpet) Party, I believe in small government. Government should only be used for two things: striping bike lanes and permitting the hunting of endangered species. You can extrapolate all of my other views based on that.
I stopped at a carry-out Scottish place (think about it) on the way home. There was bike parking there, right by the drive thru. Way to go.


  1. knowing that you eat McDonalds just shatters all my illusions about your healthy bicycling lifestyle. Say it ain't so, Sharrows?

  2. It is so. I'm the Shoeless Joe Jackson of bike bloggers.

  3. I like the dichotomy. It can't all be about health. For goodness sakes, half the reason I fell into running ultras was so I could eat all the ice cream I wanted.

  4. @ultrarunnergirl - Exactly. If I didn't exercise, I would have to cut back on consumption of delicious IPAs. It's all about the proper balance.